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Texas Neurofibromatosis Foundation - 2


PATIENTS & FAMILIES - The Foundation provides referrals to NF clinics and specialists for those diagnosed with NF. We support NF Clinics providing patient care in Dallas, Fort Worth and Houston.

PATIENT OUTREACH - TNFF organizes informative gatherings across the state, such as the annual NF Symposium and support group meetings. Each year, we host an NF Family Camp that provides a weekend of learning, laughing and companionship for those struggling with the unknown future of living with NF. TNFF also administers financial assistance and scholarship funds for NF patients.

NF RESEARCH - TNFF has awarded more than $2 million to support NF clinicians and scientists who are dedicated to treating NF patients and advancing NF research.

NF COALITION - Securing federal funding for NF research is one of the most important parts of our mission. In partnership with the coalition, we work with our representatives to encourage continued and increased federal funding.

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